In this article I want to show you the comic character Mr. RabZ I created with ZBrush, the character is a kind of rabbit with some doggy attributes:-) It is not much of a tutorial but I will explain how the basic steps of sculpting and texture-painting are done.

At the moment the character is a highpoly mesh which is started by using dynameshes. The belly, the head and the feet were subtools. In the final stage the character consists of these subtools:

Body, eyes, teeth, nose, trousers and shirt.

Body, eyes, teeth, nose, trousers and shirt.

The body was a dynamesh from which I created the arms and hands by using the Move-brush. As the dynamesh has the ability to remesh the model after the polygons were getting stretched, this would not lead to bad topology.

Head, feets and ears were designed the same way: Extracting the shapes in dynamesh and do a remesh (Ctrl + click and vipe mouse in canvas)  if needed.

Since the model is a comic character I did not add too many details, I wanted to keep it soft and simple.

I added the eyes which I made in a last tutorial about creating eyes with ZBrush. I appended them as subtool and used the transpose brush to move it in the right direction.

The teeth are made of primitives, I used a cube and cut it to a shape that looks like the tooth of a comic rabbit using the Split Curve brush. Then I turned it into a dynamesh and gave it more detail and form with the Move and Smooth brushes.

Nose and eyes and teeth.

As you can see the nose is a bit special. I used a mask on the face and extracted the nose as a separate subtool using the Extract-feature. This gives me the possibility to use an own material and color easily for the nose:

Nose extracted as subtool

Nose extracted as subtool

The shirt and the trousers are also created by using the Extract-method. After that I used the Move, Smooth, Standard and Dam_Standard brushes to pull it into shape.

The last thing to do was the polypainting. I used different materials for the subtools. This can be done by selecting a subtool, choosing the desired material and color and select Color->Fill Object (check that MRgb is selected, so that you fill the object with material and color).

ZBrush Mr. RabZ

ZBrush Mr. RabZ

The last thing to do was painting some parts a bit lighter and masking areas that were filled with a brighter color like the ears and hands.

And that’s all for the high-poly version. The next part will be to turn this model into a lowpoly character. I am curious about checking the ZRemesher feature for this. When I have the low-poly I will bake the normalmaps and will also try to bake the material into the texture maps, we will see – I will write about my proceedings soon.


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