JNM.NET for Winforms is a very low price but powerful .NET control library with a data grid and treelist control as flagship.

You can get this .NET UI framework from the Jaynam github page. Here is a video in which the main features are shown:

JNM.NET for Winforms

The download contains the full .NET libary (assembly JNM.Controls.Grid.dll) that you can add to the toolbar of Visual Studio (e.g. VS 2019 Community Edition), the grid control is TreeListView.

JNM.NET in VS 2019 Toolsbar

After that you can just drag ‘n drop the JNM.NET controls to your Winforms (e.g. Form or UserControl), like shown in the video above.

TreeListView in Windows Form

Then you can add columns and use either databinding to fill the grid, or add Rows and Cells using the control’s API:

Random r = new Random();
double d = r.NextDouble();
int number = (int)(d * 10);

for (int x = 1; x <= 12000; x++)
    TreeListRow row = treeListView.CreateRow();
    row.Cells.Add(new TreeListCell("Grid row " + x, imgRow));
    row.Cells.Add(new TreeListCell("Column Type, " + x % 7));
    row.Cells.Add(new TreeListCell( Math.Round( (number * x / 45.0))));
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