There are many videos, tips and tricks in the internet to demonstrate how to use more than one Audiosource in Unity 3D – most of them show not the best way to do this.

So here is a simple and in my opion right way to add multiple AudioSource-components to a Script:

Add the Audiosources

Click on the button Add Component for your gameobject and add an Audio Source component:


Assign the audioclip you want to use to this component:

Audiosource Footsteps Unity3d

After this, do the same or the next Audiosource:

Audiosource Monster Grunt Unity3d

Add Audiosources in C# script

Add a script to your gameobject and define the following Array:

public AudioSource[] AudioClips = null;

After that switch to the gameobject in Unity (Inspector Window), set the size of the Audio Clips-array to 2 and add the Audiosources via Drag n Drop to the elements:


Play the Clips

In your code you can play the audioclips like this:

// This is an example of a footsteps clip when the character is walking
// (in the Update method)
_animator.SetBool("dowalk", true);

// It's good to add a reminder which item refers to which clip
// 0 = Footsteps
// 1 = Monster Grunt
if (!AudioClips[0].isPlaying)

// Play the other audioclip when you need it
if (!AudioClips[1].isPlaying)

That’s it, hope you like it, it’s simple if you know how to do it.

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