We started creating a new game called Erwin’s Timewarp – and here is the story: The scientist Dr. Zachery developed a time machine, we are in the year 2048. Dr. Zachery’s pet, the dog Erwin is romping around in the house. In the basement, in the Dr.’s laboratory, Erwin examines the new time machine which is still a beta version.

Accidentally he triggers the mechanism for starting the timetravel. When Dr. Zachery enters his lab he sees his time machine running, Erwin ‘s chew bone lying next to it, and Erwin is gone. There seems to be no chance to bring Erwin back to current time…. well, perhaps there is a very very small chance. Dr. Zachery is able to produce little wormholes in the environment where Erwin is currently located.

When Erwin will enter this wormholes he will be transport to another place and / or time. Furthermore the Dr. uses the wormholes to pass small things through the wormholes. His goal is: Sending a time machine as component parts to Erwin that he can put together and finally use this time machine to come back to his owner.

Here is the kickoff for the game with the working title: Dog Quest:

But now there is a story for the game I really like… wrong… I am curious about this story:-)

The characters

First of all there is Erwin, the cute pet which is searching in vein to come back to present time:

Dr. Zachery's pet Erwin

Dr. Zachery’s pet Erwin

The owner of Erwin, Dr. Zachery, is a character which is never visible. There will be scenes when we will listen to him or feel his presence in a certain way, but like Howard’s mother (you know Big Bang Theory…?) he will not really appear physically.

In the time-zones and areas to which Erwin is transported to there are waiting many characters who will help, threaten, hunt, fool, advise, … him. There will be dog catchers, other animals, bar tenders, clerks, police officers, gangsters… and many more… this part of the story will be developed step by step.

OS and devices

The game will be developed to run on mobile devices. But we want to stay in touch with potnetial users and why not deploying it for Desktop… it’s Unity:-)

So… if you are interested in the game, follow us on youtube. Will we post updates of the progress regulary and tell tips and tricks about the development with Unity3d, Blender, Zbrush… C#-Scripts, Unity-Assets and many other things. Join us!

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