The Unity-3D asset of an alien-insect is available now, fully rigged, animated and shipped with a Unity demo scene. Here you can see the animations of the model, the demo makes use of mecanim, press the buttons to play the animations:

Animation Unity3D alient

Animation Unity3D alient

Get the asset including Unity-3D demo scene from the Unity-Assetstore

The animations are

  • Idle: Alient-Insert is waiting
  • Walk: Walking normally
  • Attach right hand: Attack with claw
  • Get Hit: Alient-Insect is getting hit
  • Walk Get Hit: Insect is getting hit while walking
  • Walk Attack right arm: Insect is attacking with arm while walking
  • Walk Attack Spike: Insect is attacking with spikes while walking
  • Dead: Character dies

The Unity3D Demo-Scene can be seen int this video:

Buy the asset with Unity-3D demo scene from Unity-Assetstore

Here are some screenshots of the animations:



The character is lowpoly and can be used on modern mobile phones and tablets (Android). The textures are handpainted (diffuse) and generated (normalmaps). Other models included in the scene are a wooden crate and walls you can use also in your games.

License info:
This model can be used in commercial or non-commercial projects.

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