In this Unity video tutorial I show how to deploy a 3d game made with Unity on an old Android device.

I like to use an old device (my Samsung S3 Mini) for testing because if the game runs fine on this I can assume it will run on newer devices as well.

After installing the Android Studio, which is a simple way to install the Android SDK, I had to replace the tools folder with an older version, because Unity isn’t able to work with the new version.

Here are again the repository paths for the older SDK version:




I also has to remove the Post Processing stack of the camera in Unity, because my device (Software and/or hardware) does not support this. But the results sre still really good and I can continue creating the indie game Rotado like I planned it.

A short gameplay video is added to the end of the video in which you can see the game in action on my device.

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