Our Unity cartoon asset Mr. RabZ is available now, fully rigged, animated and shipped with a Unity demo scene. Here you can see the animations of the model, the demo makes use of mecanim to play animations, the character can be controlled with keyboard (Unity Character Controller):


The animations are

  • Idle: Rabbit is waiting
  • Walk: Walking normally
  • Jump: Character is jumping and landing on hands and feet
  • Punch: Mr. RabZ is punching hard
  • Pick: He picks up a thing on the ground
  • Hit: Rabbit is getting hit
  • Dead: Character is dying

Mr. RabZ in our Unity Demo Scene can be seen int this video:

Buy the asset with Unity demo scene for just 5€:

Files / Format: .fbx and Unity scene
Unity: Scene and material for the model as .mat-file
Resolution textures: 2048 x 2048px
Diffuse- and Normal-map as png and psd
Unity-scene with controllers, terrain and models
Rabbit model as fbx and also the blend-file for extension

Price: 5$

[wp_cart_button name=”Unity cartoon asset” price=”5.00″ file_url=”https://jayanam.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/models/mrrabz.zip”]

Here are some screenshots of the animations:


Rabbit jumping

Rabbit punching and fighting

Rabbit punching and fighting

Mr. RabZ dead

Mr. RabZ dead

The character is lowpoly and can be used on modern mobile phones and tablets (Android). The textures are handpainted (diffuse) and generated (normalmaps). Other models included in the scene are a wooden crate and walls you can use also in your games.

License info:
This model can be used in commercial or non-commercial projects.

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