Here are the first screenshots of our mobile game Tank-Missionz, a FPS in which you have to survive missions with your tank, destroy robots and solve some puzzles. The game is created with Unity 4 and Blender 2.6. This is a screenshot of mission 1:

First mission of the game tank missionz

First mission of the game tank missionz

In this mission you have to destroy 2 canons that shot perdiodically, open a gate to a second plane and survive attacking robots. Here is a screenshot of the Unity-editor:

Tankmissionz Plane2 Unity3d

Tankmissionz Unity3d edito, mission 1

In the second mission you have to fight against 5 robots that follow you in a larger terrain:

Terrain of mission 2 Tank missionz

Terrain of mission 2

The highscores will be saved on the server,you will receive points for remaining time, health and the accuracy of your shots.

When the 3rd mission is implemented we will provide a first version of the game for Android – stay tuned!

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