I currently use a great synthesizer VST plugin for FL Studio 11 called Sylenth1 (64 Bit). In this tutorial I will show you how to create an Automation clip for it. In my sample project I created some simple patterns for drums and a melody with the pianoroll for the Sylenth1:

Sylenth1 Pianorroll FL Studio 11

Sylenth1 Pianorroll FL Studio 11

The sound is defined by a Sylenth1 Preset:

Sylenth Preset ARPBlade Runner

Sylenth Preset ARP ‘Blade Runner’

What I wanted to do is to create an Automationclip for the knob Cutoff of the Sylenth1. Therefore I will touch the knob and after that it is the last tweaked setting. Then I can create the Automationclip for this knob:

Create AutomationClip for last tweaked in FL Studio 11

Create AutomationClip for last tweaked in FL Studio 11

Then I edit the curve of the Automation clip and you can see when you play the track how the Cutoff-knob of the Sylenth1 changes it’s value corresponding to the curve of the automation clip.:

Sylenth1 Cutoff with AutomationClip

Set Sylenth1 Cutoff with AutomationClip

This can be done for every setting of this VST and also for other ones. I created a video in which you can see how I achieved this step by step:

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