In this video Matthew Palaje explains why he switched from Maya to Blender for creating his game models. I really can understand this point, not because I think Maya is a bad application, it has great features, especially when it comes to animation in my opinion and now there is also a great FBX import/export interface between Maya 2018 and Unity 2017, but when you have a look at the latest features of Blender and the fact that it is completely for free, it is an amazing tool especially for indie developers.

I am following the latest Eevee developments and I really love the real time rendering support and the principled shader that can be used for Eevee and cycles renderer as well:

And I mentioned animation: When it comes to character animation Blender has some amazing features for rigging. They added an own Blenrig for characters with outstanding features for skeletal animations. You can have a look at this on the Blender Cloud page for Blendrig where many courses are available to learn stuff like that.

So to sum it up, I regard Maya as a very powerful and professional 3d application but I will stick to Blender as a tool from 3d developers for 3d and indie developers.


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