In this video I used my Canon Powershot SX230 HS to record a slow motion video with 240 FPS and a resolution of 320×240 pixel. In the first part you can see a bee which I filmed by accident:-) Then I let a stone drop into the water:

Of course you can’t compare this to a real highspeed camera like Phantom HD but I think it’s a quite nice slowmotion-effect.

Enhancing i.e. applying slowmo with Magix Deluxe can be done like this:

First add the video to the tracklist like that and cut away the parts you don’t want to include:

Tracklist Magix Deluxe 17

Tracklist Magix Deluxe

Then you need to choose Effects->Video effects->Speed and decrease the speed to 0.25, tis means 4 times slower than the original:

Speed slow motion 4 times

Speed slow motion 4 times

The last thing you need to do is to export the move:


After that you will have a nice slow motion video, enjoy.

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