In this video Rob from Decoded shows 6 huge features that are new in Blender 2.9.

Six great new features in Blender 2.9

These are the new features that are explained in the video:

New Sky texture: Sunrise effects, light scattering and animations for instance for day/night cycles.

Viewport denoising: CPU rendering of Cycles Viewport Denoising and you can set the Start Sample frame for the denoise.

Terminator Glitch fix: Artefacts of shading for low poly objects are fixed.

UV Improvements: The stretching and deforming of UVs in previous versions of Blender when scaling the mesh is now solved, the UVs are adjusted when the mesh is scaled.

Modifier Stack improvements: Move modifiers in the modifier stacke via Drag ‘n Drop, duplicating and applying modifiers is also possible when tabs are closed.

Eevee motion blur: Full object motion blur in Blender 2.9, not just for the camera. The whole system is completely re-written from the ground up.

Thx a lot to Decoded for sharing the video!

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