ZBrush’s Dynamesh allows dynamic tessalation of your model. What does this mean? I made a short video in which I use Dynamesh to sculpt a basemesh of a character with a torso, neck and head. For each part of the body I use the insert brush (Sphere , arrange the inserted sphere with the move brush and remesh it using Dynamesh:

Dynamesh is great when you define your basic shape because when you remesh it, the geometry of your model is recreated in a clean and proper way and this is what dynamic tessalation of Dynamesh is all about: Pull and drag your mesh like you want till the shape fits your needs and then remesh the model with Ctrl + Leftdrag on the canvas to create a clean topology again.

I start with a low resolution for the rough shape and increase it when it comes to adding details to my mesh. In the video I make use of the insert brush. The benefit of this in my opion is that you can define the shape of each potion of you mesh and add it in a way so that it fits to the other parts very accuratley because after you inserted it the other parts of the mesh are masked. This means that any modifications you do to the inserted mesh have no effect to the rest of the model at this time.

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