In this tutorial series I show how to sculpt the human head with Blender. It has several parts and the first one starts with sculpting the base mesh of the head using reference images that I painted.

I drag the reference images for that into the viewport and lower the transparency so that I can see the mesh through the image:

Sculpting the base mesh of the head with Blender

Then I switch from object to sculpt mode and voxel remesh the sphere so that I have enogh geometry to use the grab brush to move the mesh to the appropriate locations.

For the ears and the neck I add separate objects, also move the mesh for these to match the outline of the reference. Then I join the parts and remesh the whole model to one piece.

After that I cut out an area at the front of the mesh by using the new Trim Tools in Blender 2.92. Then I remesh again with the voxel remesher and begin to sculpt in the basic shapes of the head like the nose or the cheeks.

In the second part I add more details to the mesh by remeshing at a higher voxel resolution and again use a reference image to sculpt the ears.

Sculpting the ears with Blender

In this part I sculpt the nose with a slightly increased voxel resolution:

Sculpting the nose of the head

The last part of the head is the eyes, for which I use a masking technique for the eye sockets that you can see in this video:

Adding the eyes to the head

All the projects and reference images can be found on my gumroad page:

You can get it from there and receive all the updates that I make for this project like sculpting the mouth and adding the eyes.

After sculpting the full head we continue with the body: the torso, the arms, hands, legs and feet.

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