If been asked how to sculpt horns for a character. Well, personally I am not so much fascinated by horned characters cause there are so many of them available on 3D platforms, but actually it is very easy to create them with 3D-Coat, so here is a short tutorial about that.

Again we start in Voxel Mode with our demo head:

Start with demo-head

Start with demo-head in 3D Coat

Like in the image above we keep x-axis symmetry turned on to produce 2 horns. The first thing we do after assigning a nicer shader for the demo head is to create a new layer in voxel tree on which we create the horns. The advantage of this is that we can manipulate the objects more easily later on like rotating, moving and scaling them or applying another shader or texture for it.

For creating horns there is a tool that really fits our needs nicely, the Spikes tool.

Sikes tool for horns

Spikes tool for horns

As you might guess you can create spikes with it. Just choose the tool, select a starting point and drag your spike into the viewport. Play around with it until you have the shape you like, if not Ctrl-Z is your friend.

Once you have found your shape, you can still use the Transform tool to move or rotate the horns to the best starting position:

Symmetrical transform

Symmetrical transform

After that select the head object and use the Grow tool to create the horny parts under the skin at the root of the horns. Feel free to add some carves and details with the airbrush and an appropriate alpha brush:

Roots of the horns 3D-Coat

Roots of the horns 3D-Coat

After that I like to break up the symmetry by turning it off and changing the rotation and orientation of one horn using the Pose tool:

Pose tool for rotation

Pose tool for rotation

Well, now you could work on the details but that’s basically all you need for creating horns with 3D Coat:-)

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