This is a review about the game Ralin (Dwarf Wars), a Rogue-like Hack and Slash RPG which is greenlit on steam. The game will be available for PC and MAC, but also for Nintendo Wii U, the 3D engine is Unity3D.

Here you can see video to get an impression about the game:

You are in the role of a dwarf who is hacking and slaying in this scene to fight against the Goblin intruders using a big hammer.

The game

The scene is a top-down environment with detailed high quality graphics and models. The animations look very smooth and detailed, some work has to be done when enemies are hit, although the dying animation look pretty cool.

The dungeon is lit nicely with point-lights (lots of shilly shally) in different colors and tones which leads to a dark and creepy atmosphere. The character is customizable with various hairstyles and beards:

Dungeon in the game Ralin

Dungeon in the game Ralin

The game comes with Singleplayer-, Multiplayer- or Co-op mode.

These are the planned features for subsequent versions:

  • Map editor
  • A system for body-shapes
  • Loot Table with a lot of weapons, armor and crafting materials

Ralin has started a Kickstarter campaign and I really hope it will be successful, here it is:

Ralin's Kickstarter

You can also download a playable demo version there.

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