I use a nice addon when sculpting with Blender which is really useful, it’s called Quickprefs and comes with Blender 2.64. The main feature I use is setting colored light for the viewport.

You can download the addon here via the Blender wiki. You can set 3 Open GL lights for your viewport which gives you a good impression on how your sculpt will look like with different colors, here is an example of some work in progress of mine, a little monster:

Sculpt of the sketch

Sculpt of the sketch

I have choosen a kind of yellow and brown light to get this effect:

Quick preferences panel

Quick preferences panel

Of course you could set these lights in the User preferences dialog, but working with the addon is a more direct and faster way to do this, because the settings are availale in the properties panel (N key). Other useful quick settings you can change are:

Select with: Mouse selection

Orbit style of the mouse with option to Continuous Grab

Color picker Type:

Colorpicker type quickprefs addon

Colorpicker type

Align new object to: World or View

You can give it a try, the Supported Level of the addon is Testing.

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