Here is a new tutorial on ZBrush in which I will show basically how to use polypainting for drawing an eye. We can start for this tutorial by using a simple sphere, so we can load a sample project from the projects palette and assign the Toyplastic-material to it.

Toyplastic material for eyes

Toyplastic material for eyes

This material gives us a natural shine that an eye has got. We want to draw on that sphere so the first thing we need to do is to enable polypainting. Therefore set the polypainting to Colorize, enable Rgb and disable Zadd and ZSub:

Polypaint by setting to Colorize

Polypainting by setting to Colorize

Rgb for polypaint in zBrush

Rgb for polypaint in ZBrush

Use a black color first for the inner lens and activate the radial symmetry like this:

Activate radial symmetry for Z-axis

Activate radial symmetry for Z-axis

Note: Increase the subdivisions before painting to get better result cause you need more geometry for detailed polypainting.

Choose the Standard brush for painting and the DragRect as stroke, then draw a circle onto the sphere which is very easy with our radial symmetry enabled. After you have painted the black circle change to a green color and draw the outer circle of the eye, the iris:

Brush rwith symmetry in ZBrush

Brush with symmetry in ZBrush

Vary the colors of the brush at this point of your work. Also use some Alphas and just play around a little bit to see what works and what not.

DragRect and Stanardbrush in ZBrush

DragRect and Standardbrush in ZBrush

For painting the smalls veins use a light red color and a “veiny” Alpha, deactivate the radial symmetry and choose the DragRect stroke to block this veins in at the sides.

That’s almost it, okay it is not the best eye in the world but a good started point for enhancing and I think it could fit for some kind of cartoon creature:

Eye with polypaiting in ZBrush

Eye with polypainting in ZBrush

For painting more details to the eye you can subdivide again and use brushes with smalls draw size . Use references from the internet to get a feeling how the iris of the eye looks like.

The project is attached to this article and can be downloaded here: Eye ZBrush project. Just unzip the file and load it in ZBrush 4 R6.

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