Currently I am modelling an oiltank with Blender 2.69 which will be added to the Buildings-package for Unity-3D. Today I will finish all modelling-tasks, tomorrow I will have a look at the textures, perhaps I will also take some photographs for my tank:-)

I made use of the Boolean-Modifier in Blender which I normally doesn’t use, but for this model it makes sense absolutely. The model contains the main objects like he tank, the stones on which the tank lies and the ladder. Detailed objects can be blended out when the model is used on mobile platforms like Android or iOS.

Edit-Mode in Blender for oiltank

Edit-Mode in Blender for oiltank

You can see here that the polygon-count is low enough to get a good performance when running on mobiles.

When I am ready with the textures I will add a second post on this topic.

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