This is a Unity 3D tutorial series from quill18creates on developing a First Person Shooter (FPS) with Multiplayer support.

The tutorial contains 19 (!) parts and here is the playlist of the series:

You will learn a lot of stuff in the tutorial from setting up a Unity 3D project to adding the Multiplayer support which is developed using the free edition of the Unit asset Photon. You can download the Photon Asset here from the Unity Assetstore.

In the first video of the tutorial the author shows you how to setup Photon inside your Unity project.

After that the buiding of the level with Blender 3D follows:

To get used to Blender you can follow some tutorials of our Blender category.

In lesson 4 you will dive into the setup of the Networking components in Unity and your project:

And in the following parts your FPS character, animations, guns and AI is developed. Follow the tutorial and the author on youtube, it is worth it!

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