With this tutorial we want to give you some insights of our workflow for animating 3D-characters by using the service Mixamo.

You can upload 3d models (humanoid characters) to Mixamo webpage, define important points for animations like ellbows, chin, wrists or knees and then Mixamo automatically creates a humanoid rig.

Here you can see our Mixamo demo as youtube video tutorial:

In our example we uploaded a dog cartoon character which you know from previous tutorials:

Dog 3d character in Mixamo

Dog 3d character in Mixamo

A method we prefer is uploading the model as obj-file. Therefore we export the model from blender by selecting Export->Wavefront (obj). After that you have to create a zip-file with 4 files included: The obj-file, the mtl-file (also generated during export), the color and the normalmap. The normalmap is not obligatory but adding a normalmap to your models of course leads to better quality.

Adding animations

After uploading the character you can set the joints mentioned above by a very intuitive user interface. The next step is to search for animations and simply assign these to your model. After you assigned an animation you can preview this in the Mixamo viewer which is a customized version of the Unity 3d viewer. To use it you have to install this browser addon:

Preview of animation in Mixamo viewer

Preview of animation in Mixamo viewer

If you are happy with your animations you applied to the character you can press checkout and download the model with all animations included. you can choose the fbx-format to import your model directly into Unity 3D. Or you can download in a Blender compatible format you you would like to tweak the assigned animation in the Action Editor of Blender and then finally export the model in Fbx-export.

When your model is imported with the Fbx-importer in Unity 3D you can use Mecanim to control and animate the character. This will be covered in a next tutorial. Please subscribe to our youtube channel to be informed about new tutorials.

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