In this beginner tutorial for Maya I show 10 basic tips & tricks for getting started with Maya 2018 or previous versions. The following topics are explained in the video tutorial:

  • Frame objects (F or A key)
  • Views (Space-Key)
  • Wireframe (4) and shaded (5), shased with lights (7)
  • Switching Select, Move, Rotate and Scale tool
  • Pivot-Point: Insert key, D-Key
  • Duplicate objects (Ctrl + D), Shift+Ctrl+D Duplicate Special
  • Manipulator (Gizmo) Size
  • Marquee selection and wireframe
  • +, – Numpad to scale gizmo
  • Soft selection (B key)
  • Hide objects: Ctrl + H, Shift + H, Ctrl + Shift + H, Outliner

Just follow along the video to learn by example and if you didn’t know already: You can download Maya 2018 for free if you don’t use the models you created commercially. To do so, register for an autodesk account and download the free student version of Maya.


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