We are proud to present our low poly buildings package for Unity 3D with Blender models (fbx), Prefabs, Textures, UV- and Normal-maps. The package contains 4 houses and a garage. Here are some previews of the models and the Unity-Scene which is contained in the Unity-package:

Big house low poly

Big house low poly for Unity-3D

You can buy the package now at the Unity Assetstore!

The models can be placed as Prefabs to your scene for exampel on a terrain in Unity like here:

Destroyed house for Unity 3D

Destroyed house for Unity 3D

Here you can see the models in action in the inclueded Unity-3D scene:

Some models contains different level of details. When running on a mobile plattform like Android or iOS you can delete a LOD like the detailed model for the switch which is displayed below:

Switch with 2 LODs for Unity3 D

Switch with 2 LODs for Unity-3D

For details please contact us via email.

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