This is a documentation for the free Blender Addon JMesh tools for hard surface modeling with Blender >= 2.8.


Download the addon from my github page:

Press the green button Clone or Download, then download the zip-file and store it to your local harddisk.

Open the Blender Preferences (Edit -> Preferences) and press Install

Then navigate to the zip file that yoiu downloaded, select it and press the button install addon.


After that the JMesh tools addon is installed and you can use it.

The JMesh Panel

The features of the addon can be seen in the JMesh Panel in the sidebar. You can open the sidebar by pressing the N key.

The primitive mode

The primitive mode is the most essential feature of the JMesh Tools addon. You can open it either py pressing the button Primitive Mode in the JMesh panel or by pressing the keys Ctrl + Shift + P

The On Screen Display (OSD)

Once the primitive mode is activate you can see the On Screen Display (OSD) in the lower lefthand corner.

Now you can define the primtive that you want to use to execute boolean operations on the target object by pressing the P key.

The target object can be defined either in the JMesh panel:

Or it is set when you ctrl + left click onto a mesh, e.g. when yoou start drawing a primitive:

In this case you started drawing a Polyline onto an object called cube, so this is defined a target object of the boolean operation.

You can click now to add more points to the polyline and when you ctrl + Left click again, the primitive shape is closed.

Boolean operations

You can choose between the following boolean operations:

  • Create: Just create a mesh for the primitive
  • Difference: Use the primitive to cut into the target
  • Union: Join the target mesh and the mesh created by the primitive
  • Slice: Cut the primitive into the target mesh and create a new object at this are
  • Intersect: everything inside of the target object is kept

The boolean operation can be changed by pressing the O key.

You can either press the E key to extrude the primitive to define the depth of the object to be created by the primitive:

Or, here for the example of a difference operation, you just press Ctrl + Left Click to cut all through the object.

Gizmo Features

The gizmo for the current primitive has some hidden but very useful features:

Center X and Y axis: When you hold the Ctrl key pressed and click the green or blue arrows of the gizmo, you center it to the appropriate axis:

Center for 2D X axis (Ctrl click green arrow)
Center for 2D Y axis (Ctrl click blue arrow)

Center to hit face: When start adding a primitive with Ctrl left click, and you click onto an object as target, you are hitting a face. When holding the Ctrl key pressed and clicking the white square of the gizmo, you are centering the created primitive then to the face that has been hit when starting to create the primitive.

Center gizmo and primitive to the hit face (Ctrl click white square)

Here is the latest video in which you can see what you can do with JMesh Tools:

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