In this article I show an intro video tutorial from Brackeys for the Cinemachine Asset that he uses in Unity 2017 and I also linked Unity timeline tutorials that I created. The cinemachine asset can be downloaded from the Unity assetstore for free. After that you can add virtual cameras to your scene and let them for example follow a moving character or automatically rotate the camera towards the character by defining him as the lookup target.

You can just follow along this video tutorial to see how this can be done:

The author also shows afterwards on how to use the Unity Timeline to combine the shots of the virtual cameras he added to the scene.

If you are interested in Unity Timeline video tutorials you can have a look at my latest videos about this feature:

In the first one I explain the Timeline feature in general:

And in this one I show how to play a recorded timeline animation with a C# script:

Have fun with the new Unity Timeline and Cinemachine feature!

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