In this video tutorial I show you my 5 best tips on how to become a better sculptor and improve your 3d sculpting skills.

The first advice is to sketch and draw every day, for this I am using a tablet called the PicassoTab that I can always take with me.

The second one is: Know what you want to sculpt. It is really important to know what to create so that you can use references for the particular model or parts for it. You also have a special task then and can plan your steps.

Which leads to the next one: Study anatomy. It’s really important to do this and to know the human anatomy and also the one of animals when you want to create creatures for example. A wonderful book that you can use for this is Anatomy for Sculptors

The 4th tip is to know your tools, your sculpting applications, so that you don’t have to search for functionality during your sculpting sessions, which would destroy your creativity and motivation.

The last one is: Sculpt every single day. I guess you heard that before, perhaps because it is so important. It is better to sculpt 1 hour each day than to sculpt 8 hours 1 day per week to achieve the best improvements.

Try to follow these principles and you will see that your 3d sculpting skills will improve tremendously.

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