In this video tutorial series I show how to create game assets with tools like Blender, 3D-Coat and Substance Painter.

The tutorial has 7 video parts which are the following

1. Sculpting the high poly model with Blender

Here I use dynamic topology to create the high poly model of a pillar with details like cracks.

2. Retopology with 3D-Coat

3D-Coat is my favorite tool for retopo, for this model I use the Add / Split tool most of the time.

3. Retopoloy with Blender retopoflow

Retopoflow is a Blender addon to simplify the retopo process, the download link is added to the video. This is just an alternative approach to 3D-Coat that is for free.

4. UV Unwrapping Blender

In this part I use manual UV Unwrapping with Blender to create the UV map for the low poly model.

5. Baking normal maps

Here I bake the normal map from the high poly to the low poly model with Blender Cycles.

6. Texturing with Substance Painter

Substance Painter is in my opinion the best tool for texturing, I try to achieve a painterly style by combining generators, materials and painting.

7. Export to Unity and UE4

In the last part I export the textures for the games engines Unity and Unreal Engine 4 and show how to integrate the models with the textures in the engines.

I hope you like the tutorial series, here you can download the finished models and textures from my patreon accoun for free:

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