This video features a brief overview on creating a frog character scene in Blender 2.9. From the initial concept sketch to the final animated result, lit and rendered in Eevee.

Herbert the frog in Blender 2.9

The videos has these sections:

  • Intro
  • Concept : Creating a sketch in 2D
  • Modelling/Sculpting: Create the base with with subdicision surface and the skin modifier. Then sculpting with combination of Dyntopo and voxel remesh.
  • Shading: Creating the shaders with the shader editor (node setup)
  • Volumetric Shading for the smoke
  • Lighting: Sun lighting with an alpha stencil of a tree.
  • Rigging: Bone setup with some child constraints
  • Animation: animating the frog bones and the eyes and also the flies in the scene.
  • Effects like a vignette

A pretty nice scene and breakdown with Blender 2.9, congrats!

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