In this video tutorials for Blender 2.8 I show how to create a base mesh of a tombstone and in the second video how to create the highpoly mesh for sculpting with the new Blender 2.8x suclpting features.

This is the first part, creating the base mesh with Blender:

I use basic modeling techniques and a reference image of the tombstone. I also remove the NGons after creating the mesh so that I can add a subsurface and bevel modifier to the mesh, to create a nice shading. With this method you don’t get any shading artefacts when turning the esh in a highpoly version and start sculpting.

The sculpting is shown in this video:

I use the Blender 2.82 to have the new sculpting features like the transform brushes which are helpful when painting a mask onto the highpoly mesh and then move the inverted mask to the outside for adding ornaments. After that I use the scrape brush for sculpting in stylized edges.

Finer details like cracks and damages are done with the draw sharp, crease and clay strips brushes.

The Blend-file can be downloaded from from patreon page here, you can get it from there for free, use it as you like.

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