In this article I will show you a video in which Max Maurel does some great sculpting using different techniques with Blender

The video is timeplapsed so the techniques are hard to see but I try to explain some of these.

The head is made of a sphere object which is shaped up in sculpt mode using the Snake Hook brush. When you use this brush the topology will extended if you enabled dynamic topolology. After that he uses the Clay Strips brush to add clay for the eye-, nose,- and mouth areas. For carving in some edges he uses the Crease brush.

An interesting technique in my opinion can be seen when he is adding the ears: Max adds a new cube object and designs the base mesh for the ear. Then he changes to sculpt mode and sculpts the ears again using Clay Strips with dynamic topology.

When merging the ears to the head he uses a Union operation with an addon called Bool Tool – I described in a tutorial some days ago. When using the Union operation with the Bool Tool we get a clean topology after the Union operation. If you would just Join the objects or use the Boolean Modifier you could run into problems with this approach as far as the quality of your mesh is concerned.

The same process he executes for the other parts of the sculpting and in my opion this is a great way of sculpting – Keep on going Max, great work.

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