This is a great sculpting and 3d painting tutorial by Pierrick Picaut you can follow along on his youtube channel. He is using the tools Blender, Zbrush and Substance painter to create a little Goat Sorcerer.

His workflow is to create the base sculpt with Blender you can see here:

I really like how the dynamic topology feature for sculpting is used.

After that he is doing retopology and UV-mapping also with Blender:

The finer details Pierrick is sculpting in with ZBrush:

For painting the character he is using Substance painter:

I really love the workflow and tools, I am using the same to create my characters and other models, sometimes I am chaning to 3d-Coat with the new PBR feature for hardsurface models.

07-12-2015: A new video has been added for the goat sorcerer in which you can see a nice setup for shading:

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