In this video Yan from YanSculpts compares Blender vs. Zbrush for sculpting while sculpting Morrigan Aensland:-)

He is one of my favorite digital sculptors and like myself he is used to Blender and Zbrush both, so I think the review is very profound.

In the first part he talks about the one point that is always mentioned when comparing both programs: High poly sculpting and performance. It’s true (still, but IMHO will change soon) that Zbrush is able to handle a higher amount of polys from scratch, but Yan also clarifies that there are solutions to this issue in Blender – even for very high amount of polys, (Jayanam: especially with Blender 2.9x).

But there are other aspects which are essential when comparing the programs like how fast you can use the features and the fun factor. Yan states that Navigation in the viewport for example is definitely superior in Blender – and this I can absolutely agree with, it’s so easy to navigate with or without a tablet in Blender compared to the ZBrush.

And it’s not just the navigation, it’s the whole workflow: Menus, popups, Shortcuts, customizing the UI can be done in a much more simple way in Blender.

Another important aspect is the huge amount of features beside sculpting in Blender like polygonal modeling – which can be used for sculpting for instance when creating base meshes or other parts for your sculpt.

Yan demonstrates these features, also in combination with modifiers like the Shrinkwarp modifier, in most of his videos, also in this one when sculpting Morrigan Aensland.

ZBrush is a tool focused on sculpting, but Blender is an all-in-one solution. But the fact that it has so many other features that improves the sculpting process makes it in my opinion the better application for sculpting as well.

Having that said I have to clarify that Zbrush is an amazing sculpting software and with both programs you get every sculpting job done, just the workflow differs. And yes, Zbrush has many special sculpting features that Blender doesn’t have – but which are not used by 95 percent (my estimation) of the artists.

So all in all I prefer Blender over ZBrush and not only because of the lower price – cause Blender is free.

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