I watched a video a few days ago about texturing with Blender. The author Wayward Art Company quotes that these texturing techniques are rarely covered in other tutorials and I think he is right with that.

This is the video:

But  I have to say that the tutorial is not for Blender newbies, you have to be familiar with:

  • Using the Blender Node editor
  • What a Material node setup in Blender is
  • Mapping texture coordinates for images
  • Know what displacement, specular and normal maps are
  • Working with GIMP, at least how to use layers.

in order to fully understand what the author is doing. But the explanations in the video are great and you can follow easily. Especially the texturing of the house I like very much and he ends up with this textures made with a material node setup:

Textured house in Blender

Textured house in Blender

The bricks overlay black parts of an image he painted with GIMP and this give a great impression.

Have fun with the video, I am sure you can learn a lot of new things even if you are an experienced Blender user.

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