In this tutorial series I show how to create a well model with Blender, then I texture it with substance Painter 2017 and import it to Unity 2017.In the first part I create the base mesh with Blender with basic techniques like adding objects and extruding faces.

In the next one I add more details and sub-objects like the handle. I also decided to separate 3 objects: The well with a stone material, the roof and beams with a wood material and the handle (another wood material):

After that I manually UV Unwrap the model and I straighten the UV islands with addons (UV Squares, Magic UV) that are linked to the description of the videos:

Then I texture the model with Substance Painter 2017. I download materials and smart materials from Substance Share like stone tiles, wood with grains and wood shingles:

In the last part I add more details to the texture with Substance Painter, then export the textures for Unity PBR (Specular Workflow) and import the model with materials and textures to Unity 2017:

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