In this Blender 2.9 tutorial jayanam shows how to use the new Multires Sculpting feature for creating the straps of a stylized axe.

Multires Sculpting in Blender

Basically the multiresolution modifier is available in Blender since 2.49 but in 2.9x it is really usable for Multires Sculpting.

The advantage is now in Blender 2.9 – beside the great performance – that the base mesh (the lowest subdivision level) of the model is adjusted when activating the feature “Sculpt Base Mesh”:

Sculpt base mesh feature in Blender multires modifier

So the workflow is to subdivide the mase mesh (in this example 5 levels were used) to increase the resolution of the mesh to be able to sculpt the details. When changing the topology a lot e.g. when moving it around you enable the Sculpt base Mesh – so that the base mesh is adjusted according to the high poly mesh.

Another option is to press the button Apply Base to make the base mesh fit the high poly mesh after you sculpted on higher subdivision level.

Base mesh for multires modifier

The next tutorial will be about exporting the high and low poly models as FBX and then do an automatic unwrapping in Substance Painter, before baking the mesh maps and adding a smart material for texturing.

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