In this Blender tutorial I explain how to create an render an Eevee animaton with Soft Body Pysics and Hair Dynamics.

Hair dynamics animation in Blender 2.8 / 2.90

The scene contains 3 lights (point, ambient and sun) and a simple kind of plate model that acts as a collider for a sphere with soft body physics.

The sphere has hair particles attached but in order to let the hair follow the sphere when it is falling down, you have to activate hair dynamics.

The plate has to be marked as collider, then the ball is bouncing of the object.

When the plate is rotated then in the keyframe animaton:

The sphere is moved off the plate because it reacts to the collider’s transform.

The animation has just 160 frames, so I render it as Mp4 file directly in Eevee which takes about 10 minutes.

Eevee render settings Blender 2.90

The rendered movie looks like this then, here is the animated Gif which I created from the movie:

Animated Gif created from the MP4 Eevee render
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