In this short sneak-Peek video about Blender 2.8 Daniel Martinez Lara shows the latest updates for the GreasePpencil feature that will turn Blender into a complete 2d painting and animation tool.

The feature is currently under development but you can see the latest development stage in this video:

There will be improvements to the brushes and you can bind bones to the layers for creating skeletal animations. You can also use special modifiers for the drawings you created with Grease Pencil:

You can also add groups to the color palette so that the colors can be switched dynamically.

Beside of that the Grease Pencil will be handled as a Blender Object and you can use different modes for this like Object Mode, Stroke Paint, Edit- or Sculpt Mode.

In this video I show you the basic setup of the Blender environment and add a layout (still with Blender 2.79) to use the Grease Pencil comfortably:

So stay tuned and have a look at the current Blender development to be notified of updates for the Grease Pencil feature.

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