The past week has been all about UE5 and its powerful realtime rendering capabilities. I decided to test out Blender’s own realtime engine called EEVEE.

The fact that you can change the lighting in realtime is a huge advantage in art directing a shot. The Megascan library got updated with the Limestone Quarry assets. Apparently same ones used in the demo.

I was able to quickly export those assets and rebuild the shaders using the Quixel Bridge and Blender Link. Used 8K textures on the rocks with normals. Used Physical Starlight addon for the light setup.

Sourced the very detailed Lion 3d model from MyMiniFactory. It has a fantastic collection of 3d scanned data.

So, I have put together a tutorial explaining how I used Quixel Megascan and Eevee to create a realtime scene in Blender.  

Thanks for checking out.

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