In this video I show how to use Denoising with Blender Cycles and low rate of render samples.

In the first part of the video I explain how to use the GPU for rendering and how I setup the render.

After that I render with 6, 8 and 32 samples, with and without using Denoising for Blender Cycles. Here you can see the different render results (Click to enlarger to see the differences):

8 samples without Denoising


8 samples with Denoising enabled


32 samples without Denoising


32 samples with Denoising enabled


The result with 32 samples and denoising is very clean but the finer details get blurred. So I played around with the parameters of the Denoising, turned the radius down to 2 and the feature strength to 0.30 and could find a good compromise of denoising and keeping the details like the scratches on the metals.


32 samples with Denoising enabled and changed parameters

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