In this video Yan from YanSculpts is sculpting the Sci Fi Queen Bee with an Oculus Rift S and the applicaton Gravity Sketch.

VR sculpting with Occulus Rift and Gravity Sketch

It is Yan’s most famous video (currently 6 million views). Why is it so popular? Well, I think just because it is so extraordinary to sculpt like that and the results are pretty amazing considering that he is just using VR modeling. After sculpting he exported the modes with vertex colors into Blender, but just for adding an HDRI and lights for rendering.

So is sculpting with VR more easy?

It’s the same as with normal sculpting: you have to familiarize yourself with the tools, of course, but sculpting with a quality like Yan does is only possible if you know the human anatomy – and you have to be an experienced sculptor, the tool doesnt matter then too much:-)

But apart from that Gravity sketch offers some interesting features that I would like to see in traditional sculpting applications for instance adding new objects and shapes easily, boolean difference operations, nice vertex painting and instant inserting of 3d meshes.

Having that said, enjoy watching the video as I do from time to time:-)

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