In this video tutorial series I show how to create a 3D game character (a ghost) with Blender & Substance Painter and finally import it into Unity Game Engine. In the first part I show the basic technique on how to create a model like a ghost with Blender by using the cloth simulation.

In the next part I use the same process but I keep the polygon count lower for creating the low poly ghost model that I also UV unwrap and start texturing:

After this step I bring the model into Substance Painter and paint in height information to the eyes and improve the texturing with alphas:

Then I go ahead and rig the model with Blender. Before, I had to do some fixes as far as the gap between inside and outside faces of the mesh is concerned:

After that I add an Idle animation to the character with Blender and the Action Editor.

And finally I export the model and textures to Unity 2017 and add it to my game Erwin’s Timewarp:

I really hope you enjoy the series and if you have any further questions please let me know.

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