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In this 3D coat tutorial I will explain how to model comic-style eyes for a monster or creature. At first I change to orthographic mode and set the display to Front-view. You can do this by pressing the 5- and then the 2-key on your numpad. After that you press the S-key and set the symmetry across the X-axis. Then select the Sphere-tool from the toolbox and add a sphere on the right side of the X-axis, the scene looks like this now:

Add sphere for the eyelids

Add sphere for the eyelids

After that turn the camera to Left-view (press 4-key on numpad) and select the Cutoff-tool. Cutoff the following part out of the sphere:

Cutoff part of the eyelids in 3D coat

Cutoff part of the eyelids in 3D coat

Now you go back to Front-view and add a new layer to your VoxTree and call it Eyeballs. Again add a sphere in the middle of the exitsing one but a bit smaller one:

Basic eye-shapes on tow layers in 3D coat

Basic eye-shapes on two layers in 3D coat

This is the basic-shape of your eyes for your character. You can assign a different shader to the objects (eyelids) on your first layer and use the Airbrush-tool and the Move-tool to sculpt the eyelids til you get a result that looks something like this:

Eye after asigning a shader and scultping

Eye after assigning a shader and scultping

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