Jerry Perkins is demonstrating how to model a robot with blender. He shows the process of creating the model using sculpting, retopo, materials and composing with Blender only. He first creates the basemesh out of a cube and then switches to sculpting-mode with dynamic topology to sculpt in the details:

Another feature Jerry shows in this video is retopology for creating clean mechanical parts with sharp and crisp edges. He uses the sculpted model to add faces to it, snapping onto the surface. Then he adds a subdivision surface modifier and places edge loops to get crisp edges.

Most people think that the Blender features shown in this video are only available in applications like ZBrush or Maya but Blender offers all of this really professional stuff – check it out, it’s amazing.

And there is more: With Blender you have possibilities you don’t have got in sculpting applications like ZBrush – for example switching from Sculpting- to Edit-mode so that you can still work with vertices, edges and faces.

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