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In this Photoshop tutorial the youtuber Photoshop Tutorials shows how to give a normal photo a retro style comicbook effect.

The video here does not contains audio comments but very good explanations as subtitles:

It’s easy and comfortable to follow the video step by step to get the desired results, just try it using any photo you like.

First the author removes the photo’s background and makes use of the Photoshop filters like:

  • Poster Edges
  • Pixelate with COlor Halftone

At this stage you wil get an effect like this:

Photoshop pixelate effect

Photoshop pixelate effect

After that he is creating a custom shape for the baloon which is very easy in Photoshop:

Photoshop baloon shape

Photoshop baloon shape

In the end he is adding a graininess with some color and opacity and it’s done… try it.

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