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This is a photoshop tutorial in which you can learn how to turn your head into a plant pot. It’s done with photomanipulation and matte painting techniques.

Here is the video tutorial that demonstrates the full process:

You need 3 images: The background (garden), a photo of your head (transparent background) and a photo of a plant pot (also transparent background).

Add the head and pot image onto separate layers, the image of the pot on the top layer. Then you can use a soft eraser to remove the parts of the pot that are not needed. To enhance the effect paint in shadows to the head and highlights using a soft brush.

Follow along the video, I will also upload the photos for you so that you can try to create this effect on your own using Photoshop.

I used Photoshop CC 2015 but you can also use any other version of this tool, for example Photoshop CS2 which is free for download from the Adobe webpage.

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