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In this video you can see some new features of ZBrush 4R8: Live Boolean, Gizmo 3D and Deformers.Just follow the video along and have a look at the new features of ZBrush 4R8

these are explained by example:

The author executes some subtraction boolean operations for basic subtools and also explains some hidden features for the Gizmo 3D like unlocking the Gizmo and clipping by using the the scale operation.

For the deformers that can be found for the Gizmo feature he uses the Deformer and Expander tools to apply deformations to the current tool. After that he shows how to use Insert brushes (IMM) for human bodyparts and how to make use of the Gizmo for this feature. In the end he uses the Boolean IMM brushes to add some boolean subtractions to the mesh in combination with the Gizmo 3D tool.

Another feature is the Vector Displacement Mesh brushes that jayanam describes in this video:

In this one he does not show how to create a Vector Displacement Mesh Brush (VDM), it just covers the usage of the brushes the Chisel 3D and the Chisel Create brush set.

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