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The last week I downloaded the latest version of MakeHuman (1.0.2). MakeHuman is an open source tool which gives you the possibility to create humanoid 3D characters without sculpting or modelling.

I created a youtube video in which you can follow me creating a male model with MakeHuman and exporting it for my workflow with ZBrush.

What I use MakeHuman for is creating basemeshes for ZBrush-sculpting. Of course you can create your own basemeshes in ZBrush, but when you use MakeHuman you can be sure that the proportions of the body are correct and you have the chance to add realistic features like muscles, a big belly or detailed hands and feet.

My workflow is to open MakeHuman, create my character with as much details as possible and then I export the character to an obj file:

Export MakeHuman to obj file

Export MakeHuman to obj file

After that, I import the obj to ZBrush to get my basemesh for sculpting:

Import MakeHuman obj into Zbrush

Import MakeHuman obj into Zbrush

Well, when I import the base mesh it has about 15.000 active points, which is a kind of mid-poly mesh.

To add details by sculpting you have to increase the resolution by pressing the Devide button to subdevide your model:

Subdevide model in Zbrush

Subdevide model in Zbrush

Now you can add details to the character like clothes, details in muscles or hair… whatever.

When I am done with sculpting, my next step is to do polypainting like I did in this tutorial about polypaintng a cartoon character. Then I export the model again as obj and do retopology in a tool like 3D-Coat which works great for retopo.

Some more features in MakeHuman would be very cool to support my workflow a bit better:

1. Exporting the characters from MakeHuman with polypaint would be great.
2. Re-Import a painted / textured and low-poly model to add the rig. Because the last step of my workflow is to export the textured and rigged model to fbx-format and use it in Unity-3D…

…but this will be a topic of a tutorial to follow.

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