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Goat character

Character with Blender, ZBrush and Substance Painter

This is a great sculpting and 3d painting tutorial by Pierrick Picaut you can follow along on his youtube channel. He is using the tools Blender, ...
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ZBrush character sculpting head

ZBrush sculpting and polypaint tutorial

This is a tutorial about sculpting a character with ZBrush by Evgenii Komin. You can follow his tutorials on youtube. (mehr …)
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ZBrush ZModeler Split

ZBrush ZModeler tutorial: Split

The new ZBrush ZModeler brush is a mighty tool with many functions and possibilities. In this tutorial we want to show you how to use the Split ...
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MakeHuman model in Zbrush with higher polycount

MakeHuman workflow tutorial with ZBrush

The last week I downloaded the latest version of MakeHuman (1.0.2). MakeHuman is an open source tool which gives you the possibility to create ...
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retopo_cartoon 3d-coat zbrush

ZBrush 3D-Coat retopo tutorial

In the previous tutorials we sculpted our cartoon character with ZBrush, now we want to create a low poly mesh that we can use in games. A good way ...
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zbrush polypainted dog

ZBrush cartoon (5): Polypainting

In this part (5) of the tutorial on creating a cartoon dog I used polypainting to colorize the character. I turned the Dynamesh from the last ...
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Part_4: ZBrush cartoon snout and feet

ZBrush Cartoon tutorial (4): Dynamesh

Welcome to part 4 of our ZBrush tutorial on creating a cartoon character. This time we will make use of the Dynamesh feature (auto-retopo geometry) ...
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ZBrush cartoon character tutorial: Subtool master

ZBrush cartoon character tutorial: Subtool master

This is part 3 of our tutorial series on creating a cartoon character. In this part we use the addon subtool master of ZBrush 4 R6 to mirror the ...
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ZBrush cartoon character tutorial: Adaptive Skin

And this is the second part of our Zbrush tutorial on creating a cartoon dog. In the tutorial before I showed how to create the base geometry by ...
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ZBrush cartoon dog basemesh with ZSpheres

ZBrush cartoon character tutorial: Basemesh

This is the first part of a ZBrush tutorial series in which we will create a cartoon character that will be polypainted, retopoed and ready for ...
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