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Blender Fbx export in Unity macanim

Import Blender fbx to Unity Mecanim

In the previous tutorial I rigged the cartoon dog character for use it in Unity-3D Mecanim animation system and in this tutorial we will do this. I ...
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Blender Rig for Unity3D mecanim

Blender rigging for Unity3D Mecanim

Unity's mecanim is a create state-machine for animations. In this tutorial I will show you, using our cartoon dog we designed in the previous ...
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Imported model in the Unity-scene

Import Blender model (fbx) to Unity

Importing a blender model as fbx is a common task when developing games for Unity 3D. In this tutorial we describe the steps you need to import the ...
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Design in Unity, Blender and on paper

Designing 3D games

We like to design 3D games with Blender and Unity. In our opinion Unity 3D is a great engine and possibility to develop a platform-independent ...
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