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Highlighing gameobjects with Unity

Highlighting Unity GameObjects with Highlighter Asset

For our Unity game Erwin's timewarp we have a cool feature to highlight objects the player can interact with. We use a highlighting system, a great ...
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Game over screen Unity 5

Game Over UI with Unity and TextMesh Pro

We needed a "Game Over UI" for our game Erwin's Timewarp made with Unity 5.1. It should have a nice text layout, a glow-effect and a dead Erwin ...
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Modal dialog for Unity UI

Unity3d Modal Dialog Asset

With this asset you can create modal dialogs in Unity 5 easily. The dialogs are based on the new Unity UI system and are highly customizable. ...
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Audiosource Array in Unity3d

How to add multiple Audiosources in Unity 3D

There are many videos, tips and tricks in the internet to demonstrate how to use more than one Audiosource in Unity 3D - most of them show not the ...
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Herbert starts conversation

Unity 3d Dialogue System tutorial

We added a Dialogue System, a Unity 3d asset, to our game Erwin's timewarp for conversations between characters. We are using this Dialogue System ...
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FPSController with Unity5

Unity5 FPSController tutorial

The prefabs and scripts for the FPSController of Unity5 were enhanced greatly, I would like to show you how you can use it from the scratch. ...
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Interaction when Erwin is near Herbert

Unity5 character interaction script

In the last tutorial we created the monster character with the 3 eyes in Blender, now I import him to our Unity5 game Erwin's timewarp. (mehr...
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Albedo with a bit of red in shader

Texture painting Blender monster

The retopo and uv-unwrapping for the sculpting of my little monster in Blender is done, now I will texturepaint it in Blender. (mehr …)
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Export Substance painter to Unity 5

Substance painter export to Unity 5

In the last tutorial we used Substance Painter and smart materials to create metal textures for our fork model created with Blender. Now we will ...
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Unity3D Cutscenes with Cinema Director

We were searching for a good Unity 3d cutscene editor to add cutscenes to our game Erwin's timewarp. We found one: Cinema Director, which is a tool ...
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